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How We Engage with You

WMSCare is a consistent quality service model with a continuous process that enables us to apply timely and appropriate processes tailored to your meeting unique needs.

WMSCare is delivered in our four service sessions designed to address measures for the commonly known and uniquely unknown financial issues facing investors today. These sessions help clients design their financial objectives in a Planning Session, stay current with their financial plans with a Performance Session designed to help them evaluate their progress to staying on track with their goals, and uncover the uncommon financial issue they may face in the future in a Strategy Session. Client Directed sessions are designed to define new and yet to be discovered concerns, goals or objectives that need to be incorporated into their comprehensive financial plans.


Sessions center on known issues such as your income needs, tax liability and progress on your financial plan.


Sessions focus on your asset allocation and risk profile, and might include market updates along with reports on your portfolio performance, allocation and risk analysis.


Sessions explore unknown issues related to your goals, timeline and legacy, with topics that might include tax strategies, estate plans and income options.


Sessions are open meetings for exploring new goals, life events or challenges.