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Our History

Founded in 2003, out of the concern of protecting family legacies, Wealth Management Solutions was created on the belief that no one should suffer the loss of their estate and legacy due to a lack of advice and planning.

My family’s legacy vanished when my father passed away prematurely without having planned properly. We lost my grandfather’s estate and all my childhood mementos when the property was abruptly sold — We do not want our clients to experience the loss of legacy due to a lack of planning. ~ Richard Riva - Founder

Having experienced my father’s premature and untimely death over 20 years ago, I found out firsthand how difficult making sound financial decisions can be while processing the grief of a loved one’s death. This difficult period cemented my belief in proper planning and simplifying ones’ financial life. By completing these two steps, life’s inevitable key questions: What now?  Will we be OK?  What’s missing? can be answered in a timely manner with confidence. ~ Martin Lombrano - Partner

Wealth Management Solutions is an independent advisory practice founded on and dedicated to the principal of doing what is best for the client and their family to ensure their legacy of purpose.